Say ahhh—not ewww!

Improve compliance using the "ahhh-worthy" sample scripts below. If conversations at your veterinary practice lean toward "ewww," don't choke! Just practice these scripts at your next team meeting.
Aug 01, 2014
Ewww... Ahhh...
Client care representative: "Just calling to remind you to bring Bingo in on Monday at 4:00." Client care representative: "We'll see Bingo on Monday at 4:00 for his annual exam, oral health assessment and wellness laboratory screen. Don't forget to fast him eight hours before the visit, and please bring in a stool sample."
Client care representative: "And who do we have here?" Client care representative: "Hi, Mrs. Smith! Hi, Bingo! Pam is going to be Bingo's nurse today for his annual exam and oral health assessment. She knows you're coming and has already prepared his chart. She'll be happy to see you!"
Technician: (Calling from the door) "Mrs. Smith?" Technician: "Good Afternoon, Mrs. Smith! Hi Bingo! I hope you remember me, I'm Pam, Bingo's nurse. You ready to get started on his wellness and oral health visit?"
Veterinarian: "Bingo has some tartar on his teeth. If you want, we can do a dental for him. It's up to you." Veterinarian: "Bingo has plaque on his teeth and also has gingivitis. We grade this as Stage-2 dental disease. He needs a cleaning and a full evaluation of his oral health under general anesthesia. I'm going to bring Pam in to discuss a treatment plan moving forward and take a look at my book to see when I can do this procedure for him."
Technician: "Here's the estimate. Do you want me to explain it or would you rather read it on your own time?" Technician: "Hi again, Mrs. Smith. Dr. Bill recommends a dental cleaning and oral evaluation for Bingo under general anesthesia. I'd like to go over the treatment plan for this procedure. The plan includes a pre-anesthetic profile, but because we are doing Bingo's wellness screen today, we can remove that requirement from the treatment plan."
Technician: "Do you want to schedule that dental now or do you want to give me a call back?" Technician: "Mrs. Smith, do you have any questions about the cleaning and dental evaluation for Bingo? It's so much better to do this now while this oral infection is low and he's experiencing only minor oral discomfort. We'll be able to do a full radiographic evaluation while he is under general anesthesia and confirm that things are looking good below the gum line, which is where oral disease can be very problematic. Dr. Bill informs me that he has availability on Tuesday, August 6th, and Thursday, August 9th. Let's get you scheduled!"
Veterinarian to technician: "Did Mrs. Smith leave already? Is she going to do the dentistry for Bingo or what?" Veterinarian to client: "Pam told me that she got you scheduled for August 9th. Check your email when you get home for a short educational video that we made to teach you more about the benefits of regular dental cleanings and how to get Bingo prepared for his day at the dentist."