Sample script: when veterinary clients complain about the doctor

Sample script: when veterinary clients complain about the doctor

Apr 01, 2013
By staff

In a client service industry like veterinary medicine, you will eventually face a customer who's dissatisfied—even when you've done your best. But what should you say when clients complain about the doctor?

Jennifer Graham, a client services representative at Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital in Wexford, Pa., says it's important to remove yourself from the emotions of the issue and acknowledge the client's concerns in a neutral way. Consider this sample script to get started:

CLIENT: "Dr. Nice has no bedside manner. My last veterinarian would get down on the floor with Mr. Snugglesworth and let him lick his face."

YOU: "Thank you for sharing your concern with me, Mrs. Smith. I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with your visit today. When you visit our practice, we want you to feel that we've shown Mr. Snugglesworth the same love and care we would give our own pets. I know Dr. Nice would appreciate hearing your feedback to help us improve the care you receive. Is it alright if I share your concerns with our team members to help us improve your visits in the future?"