Sample script: Push products without being a pushy salesperson

A sincere recommendation isn't the same as a sales pitch.
Mar 01, 2009
By staff

A sincere recommendation isn't the same as a sales pitch, says Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM, a consultant with VMC Inc. in Evergreen, Colo. So don't be shy to endorse a product or service that could enhance—and possibly save—a pet's life. Check out her no-pressure script for selling multiple recommendations during one patient's history.

You: Mrs. Miller, you mentioned that Cricket spends time outside with children and other dogs. Is she on a flea and tick preventive?

Client: No, she only goes outside every now and then.

You: Because Cricket spends even just a little time outside, we recommend putting her on a broad-spectrum preventive. It protects Cricket against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites, like roundworms and hookworms, that can be passed on to people.

Client: Oh, Cricket doesn't have fleas, so she should be fine without it.

You: I'm glad to hear that Cricket doesn't have any fleas right now, but some parasites, like the ones I mentioned, can only be detected microscopically or by a blood test. To be on the safe side, would you like us to perform a fecal and a heartworm test on Cricket today?

Client: I see. OK, let's do the tests.

You: Great. Because Cricket comes in contact with other dogs, we also recommend that she stays current on her vaccinations. After the doctor determines that Cricket is healthy enough to receive her vaccinations, would you like us to update those today as well?

Client: Yes, sounds good.