Sample script: Insure the young

Sample script: Insure the young

Puppy and kitten visits are opportune times to speak to clients about pet insurance, says Dr. Robin Downing, DAAPM, owner of Windsor Veterinary Clinic in Windsor, Colo. Why? Because the younger a pet is when insured, the less likely it is to have a pre-existing condition that would disqualify it from future covered care. Start pet parents on the right paw by bringing up insurance early. Here's Dr. Downing's script for explaining why sooner is better when it comes to pet insurance.
Jun 01, 2009
By staff

The young and the insured

You: Do you have a pet insurance form for me to sign?

Client: Oh, no. Wiggles is just a puppy. We won't need pet insurance until he's much older.

You: It's best to insure Wiggles while he's young and healthy. For example, if you get insurance now and he later develops a chronic medical condition, like Addison's Disease, the insurance should cover his treatment. But if you wait to insure him until after he becomes ill, the disease may be considered a pre-existing condition and wouldn't be covered. Also, pet insurance protects many families from making the difficult decision of economic euthanasia. Should something happen to Wiggles, you'll be in a better position to help him by enrolling today. Plus, your premiums will be lower since Wiggles is in tip-top shape.

Client: I'll just set aside $50 a month on my own. That should be enough insurance for Wiggles.

You: Good idea, but know that pet insurance allows you more leverage. Take this example: If you start saving this month and Wiggles eats a pair of underpants in eight months, you'll have $400 to put toward his $2,000 bowel surgery. If you chose a pet insurance that pays 80 percent of the balance after your deductible, you'd only be looking at a bill of $400.