Sample script: How to say 'no' and keep veterinary clients happy

Feb 01, 2013
By staff

In a service profession like veterinary medicine, it's important to avoid the two-letter word "no" to keep clients focused on the service you can offer. So instead of using phrases like, "we can't" and "that's not our policy," try this sample script to stay positive:

YOU: Mrs. Concerned, I understand Fluffy is sick and you would like Dr. Cares to see Fluffy right away. Dr. Cares already has appointments scheduled today, and I know she'll want to see Fluffy as soon as possible. If you can drop Fluffy off at your earliest convenience, Dr. Cares will make time to give Fluffy a thorough check-up and call you as soon as she knows more about Fluffy's condition. When should we expect you?