Reward the team with a sneak attack

Reward the team with a sneak attack

Jan 01, 2008

The team at Concord Veterinary Center in Springville, NY, expected an uneventful monthly practice staff meeting, but Debbie Kaczmarski, LVT, the hospital manager, and Craig Wiede, DVM, the practice's owner, had another plan. When the Concord team arrived ... Surprise! Dr. Wiede provided a catered lunch and Kaczmarski arranged chair massages for each team member.

Kaczmarski also created relaxation gift packages for her team, containing massage oil, chocolate truffles, relaxation mints, a scented candle with holder, and sticky notes featuring an inspirational message. Then she included hand-written thank-you notes to each team member that emphasized his or her special attributes and why the team member is valuable to the practice.

"I think it's fun to show your appreciation when people least expect it," Kaczmarski says. "And they definitely didn't expect this!"

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