Ready to beat burnout

One weary technician takes job satisfaction into her own hands.
Oct 01, 2008
By staff

For the last two out of 13 years, I've been repeating, "What's happened to me?" I used to love my job, but now it's just a job. I no longer want to go to work or try to better myself professionally. I've lost my sense of humor and am often grouchy from the minute I walk in the practice door until I punch out 11, sometimes 12, hours later. Thanks to "Rediscover Joy in Your Job" (September 2008), I now realize I'm suffering from a classic case of burnout—and that I'm not alone. Before, changing jobs seemed exhausting and pointless, but I now know it's time to update my resume and find my niche in a well-managed hospital owned by doctors who believe in taking care of their staff's physical and mental health in return for dedication and experience. Thank you for giving me the boost I need to rejuvenate my career and my life.

Name withheld