A prescription for labeling test samples

Mar 01, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Like many veterinary team members, employees at Towne South Animal Hospital in Shreveport, La., occasionally had a hard time identifying and labeling samples sent to outside laboratories. To remedy this, veterinary assistant Candace Rivet came up with a sure-fire way to eliminate misidentification of test samples. By attaching a prescription label printed from the veterinary practice software to every sample submitted, Rivet was able to accurately and legibly identify each one.

Rivet prints a label for every blood tube, specimen container, biopsy jar, or any other type of sample sent in to the practice. The prescription label includes the test requested, date and time collected, doctor's name, and the patient and owner's names.

"Not only does this system ensure proper identification, but it also helps ensure all samples are sent in with each test request form," says Debra Jackson, veterinary assistant supervisor at the hospital. "Our doctors have noticed a decrease in the amount of mistakes made on the daily reports, and they strongly support this method of identification."