Photo gallery: How to make a cat-restraining bag (step 1)

Photo gallery: How to make a cat-restraining bag (step 1)

Mar 16, 2010
By staff
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Kimberly Lane, CVT, a veterinary technician at the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon in Portland, needed a quick, safe, and affordable way to handle cats. The answer came in the form of a drawstring cat-restraining bag made out of recycled jeans. The first of Lane's eight simple steps for constructing—and using—this bag appears below.

But first, a disclaimer: “Even the cutest kitties are well armed,” Lane says. “Caution should always be used around cats in restraint devices as they can still inflict severe bites and possible scratches.” However, Lane reminds us that cats act this way only because they’re acting on their instincts of self preservation. Also remember that you should never leave cats unattended while they’re in a restraint device, and you should never pull a cat through a cat bag with a rabies pole. OK, now get to work crafting your own cat bag.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

• Adult-sized straight-leg jeans with no holes (Note: Lane says thinner jean material gathers better around the neck, keeping cats more secure.)
• Wide shoelaces
• Large paper clip or safety pin
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• Glitter glue or cloth marker
• Sewing machine

Step 1

step 1
Carefully cut off the bottom hems of both pant legs. Then measure about 22 inches from the bottom of a regular-sized pant leg or 26 inches from the bottom of large-sized pant legs and cut across.

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