Phone fun: Wacky veterinary client calls

Phone fun: Wacky veterinary client calls

Consider these real client calls, then talk through how your team would respond.
Dec 01, 2014

GETTYIMAGES/peretsReview these true—and wacky—calls, and then discuss them at your next team meeting. Pose these questions for each scenario: 

> What’s the client’s primary concern, regardless of how it’s presented?

> How can you help the client and the pet?

What’s your primary goal for this conversation? For example, do you want to correct a client’s misinformation or to schedule an appointment for the doctor to examine the pet? 

What are the steps you need to take to educate these clients without offending them? 

Phone call No. 1: "This is Mrs. Katz. I’m concerned about Whiskers. He won’t take his medicine. I’ve tried everything, and he just won’t swallow the pill. So here’s my idea. I’m going to crush up his medicine and then spray whipped cream on top and then sprinkle a little tuna juice over it. That will work, right?"

Phone call No. 2: "...So that’s Buster’s post-surgical update. But there’s one more concern I have. Lately, and I don’t know why, his little—I guess his little rocket is what you would call it—it just won’t go away. What should I do?"

Phone call No. 3: "Thanks for calling me back about Bella’s seizures. You know, I have seizures and I think mine rubbed off on her."

Remember our clients wouldn’t call at all if they didn’t care about their furry loved ones. Clients who are passionate about caring for their pets keep us being able to go to work every day and do what we love—and get a few chuckles in at the same time. 

Oriana Scislowicz, BS, LVT, VDT, is a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and a technician in Richmond, Virginia.