Pet selection quiz: Make a match

Pet selection quiz: Make a match

Just for fun, see which matches you'd make to find good fits for pets and their pet parents. Match up these pairs.
Jul 01, 2014

(Note: This quiz is for illustrative purposes and fun only. Many factors not identified here go into pet selection, and you will likely obtain much more information before you make any recommendations to ensure lasting relationships.)

Case No. 1

A young family has three boys and lives on a large piece of property. The boys are active and love to run around outside. Should they adopt a:
A. Lab puppy
B. Chihuahua puppy
C. Poodle

Case No. 2

An elderly couple is looking for a pooch to watch Wheel of Fortune with them in the evening and warm their laps. They live in a small condo and are on a fixed income. Should they adopt a:
A. Jack Russell
B. Adult toy poodle
C. Adult miniature dachshund

Case No. 3

A single upper level executive is looking for a pet. She is often out of town for two to three days at a time. Should she adopt a:
A. Cocker spaniel
B. Persian
C. Fully stocked saltwater aquarium