The outcome of your income for veterinary team members

Your paycheck may not reflect all your hard work but before you get upset, get some perspective.
Aug 01, 2011
By staff

Team member pay hasn't gone up much of late, but this is no different than what employees in other industries are experiencing, says Gary Glassman, CPA, a partner with Burzenski & Co. in East Haven, Conn. "In order to avoid layoffs in this down economy, many hospitals had no choice but to give out little to no raises and cut team members' hours," he said. "Hospitals also compensated by not immediately filling vacant positions."

Glassman points out that many veterinary practices are small and lack the ability to promote employees, so team members often stagnate in their positions. "For example, a CVT who has worked in the same facility for 15 years may be at the top of the market wage scale with no ability to advance in the position," Glassman says. "While that experienced CVT should be entitled to a wage inflation increase, there's not much more the practice can pay him or her without considering them overpaid for the position."

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