Other ways to say thanks

Dec 01, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

While the two words, "thank you," can be very meaningful when you say them the right way, there are many other approaches to recognize team members and clients. And a little variety may be just what the doctor ordered. Our experts offer a quick list of ideas:

1. Hold a client service meeting to celebrate your service successes and set new goals.

2. Plan a staff appreciation meal or day to celebrate your team.

3. For tech-savvy employees, send a thank-you text that offers sincere praise, such as, "You were really phenomenal today. Thanks for the way you handled that dog."

4. Buy pizza or bagels for your team to celebrate hard work on a stressful day.

5. Use a thank-you card to create a lasting thank you your team member or client can pull out and read again and again to recapture the warm feeling your praise creates.

6. Offer additional educational opportunities to recognize a job well done. Consider sending team members to conferences or online training to say thanks.