Osteoarthritis: What's your role in the veterinary practice?

Osteoarthritis: What's your role in the veterinary practice?

Follow the tools here and on the next pages to see how each team member can improve your client education.
Mar 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff


How wellness care saves money.
When pet owners visit your practice, pass out the client handout "How wellness care saves money." Spend a few minutes reviewing the example of how preventive care to reduce a pet's obesity and maintain a healthy weight is not only good for the pet, it also saves money.

Technicians and veterinary assistants:

Senior wellness report card
As you record the pet's history and the doctor's exam findings, complete the "Senior wellness report card" to create a full picture of the pet's health. You can send a copy home with clients and keep a copy for your medical record. This offers pet owners reminders about your recommendations to help keep their pets more comfortable.

Practice manager:

Manage pets’ pain
At your next team meeting, share the articles "Manage pets' pain" and "Take the 'ouch' out of osteoarthritis" to teach team members how they play a role in improving arthritic pets' quality of life. Ask each team member to share one thing they can do to make the practice more old-pet-friendly.


Adjusting to arthritis
When you make a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, offer support for clients by sharing the handout, "Adjusting to arthritis." This handout will help your clients track changes in their arthritic pet's clinical signs, lifestyle, and treatment plan.