Onward and upward in the veterinary profession

Onward and upward in the veterinary profession

We'll have to keep calm and carry on without our fearless leader.
Oct 01, 2011

I'll be honest: I wasn't thrilled with the latest change around the office. I was, of course, happy for our former editor Kerry Hillard Johnson and her new career opportunity. But the selfish part of me wanted her to continue working with our fantastic editorial group.

Since Kerry took over as Firstline editor in 2008, we've taken great strides toward becoming the go-to resource for veterinary team members. Our website, http://dvm360.com, has grown by leaps and bounds—if you're not already stopping by every day, you should be. We've strengthened our partnerships with some of the industry's most well-known and respected leaders, like Shawn McVey and Brian Conrad. (Catch them both at CVC San Diego, Oct. 26 to 30—head to http://thecvc.com to register).

We've also expanded our content far beyond the pages of this magazine. You can download the free http://dvm360.com iPad app for your monthly fix of exclusive articles and photo galleries. And you can connect with us every day on Facebook (http://facebook.com/FirstlineMag) or Twitter (@FirstlineMag).

So now that our fearless leader is gone, it's our responsibility to continue meeting your lofty expectations. And I promise we won't let you down.

To fulfill that promise, we need your help. "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for a daily dose of helpful articles or just to chat about how your day's going. Let's continue to build an online network for veterinary team members—one where you can lean on your colleagues for ideas and advice.

But don't stop there. E-mail us at
, or share your thoughts on the message board at http://dvm360.com/community. Tell us what you're struggling with at work and how you'd like to improve. Share a funny story or a great tip you've used to boost efficiency in your practice. Send a question to one of our veterinary experts or just vent about your frustrations for a few paragraphs. Imagine how good it will feel to get it off your chest.

We're here for you. Our staff may be changing but our dedication and passion for the veterinary industry remain as strong as ever. So brace yourself—it's going to be an exciting ride.

Steve Bennaka, Content Specialist

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