Offer clients free dental kits

Jul 01, 2008

Clients and patients win big when they undergo dental cleanings at Animal Hospital of Seminole in Seminole, Fla. These lucky pets not only receive a mouth free of plaque and tartar and a polished smile, their pet parents also go home with a lovely parting gift: a dental care kit. The dental kits include brochures about dental diets and how to keep pets' teeth clean, toothpaste and toothbrush samples, and before and after photos of the pet's teeth. To complete the package, team members provide a chart indicating which of the pet's teeth will need future care.

"It's rewarding when clients have no idea how bad their pets' teeth were and they're pleasantly surprised by how nice they look after the cleaning," says Kerstin Althoff, CVT, a technician. "It's also nice when you return a pet to the owner and the owner says, 'Wow, no more stinky breath!'"