Microchips: What's your role in the veterinary practice?

Microchips: What's your role in the veterinary practice?

Help make sure you're spreading the microchip message and improve the chances lost pets will find their way home:
Jun 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff


When pet owners call to schedule an appointment, ask if their pets are microchipped. When clients visit, offer them a handout, such as "FAQs about Microchipping" at http://dvm360.com/microFAQ.

Technicians and assistants:

When you're taking the pet's history, ask if Fluffy or Bowser ever strays from the house. You can use the sample script at http://dvm360.com/microscript to guide your conversation.

Practice manager:

Offer training at team meetings. Review how microchips can save the day at http://dvm360.com/microresist. Then learn how to market microchips with tips from http://dvm360.com/micromarket.


Reinforce the microchipping message by sharing success stories of pets reunited with their families. You may also share microchip statistics from http://dvm360.com/microstats.