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Marketing for technicians

FIRSTLINE: Feb 16, 2017
If talking wellness plans makes you yawn or cringe, just imagine how your clients feel! Freshen your approach—and your marketing—to help more patients receive high-quality veterinary care.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 04, 2016
Veterinary anesthesiologist says we have an obligation to use every available tool to comfort patients and clients.
source-image Sep 21, 2016
By staff
This five-week program will give you one concrete step to take each week that will get you on a path to more client visits. It's free. It's easy.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Aug 30, 2016
Do your veterinary rehabilitation services need some marketing rehab? Get in the underwater treadmill with us and we'll help flex those flabby client-acquisition muscles.
VETTED: Aug 11, 2016
Why should all those touchy-feely, sappy-happy optimists have all the fun? Let's get critical and cranky. Remember: Complaining is a valid venting mechanism. I think some psychologist said that somewhere.
VETTED: Aug 08, 2016
It's time for your veterinary team to dump these really bad service gems.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 05, 2016
By staff
Cut through the excuses. Here’s help to slice through your most dreaded challenges and use ninja-like moves to make mincemeat of any obstacles blocking your way.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 18, 2016
You’re gonna be all “#Snapcat THIS!” and “#Instadog THAT!”
VETTED: Jul 15, 2016
Old. Geriatric. Senior! How do these words make you feel? It's time to reframe your senior diagnostic conversations with veterinary clients with these three steps with this advice.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 24, 2016
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—it doesn't matter which social media platforms your veterinary practice has its hooks in. Want to succeed? You can't just talk AT gotta talk TO people!
FIRSTLINE: Jun 15, 2016
You can feel divine about veterinary merchandising by offering just the right stuff to enhance your patients' lives.
FIRSTLINE: May 25, 2016
Pew Research data puts the percentage of pet owners between the ages of 18 and 29 at 58 percent. That means more than half of today's pet owners belong to the generation of people who don't check voicemail, prefer texting to talking and are eager to share opinions and reviews online.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 28, 2016
Here’s my advice for DIY social media to promote your great veterinary hospital that doesn’t take all day.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 26, 2016
Do you feel it? The age of client service is here, and it's here to stay. Here are the six steps this veterinary practice took that led to a record-breaking year.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 20, 2016
Veterinary technicians: You can help patients with dermatology issues