Make time for special deliveries

Make time for special deliveries

Nov 01, 2006

Do you see the faces of your elderly or disabled clients as often as you'd like? When the team at Millsap Veterinary Clinic in Millsap, Texas, noticed some older clients were missing their pets' checkups, they started asking questions—and uncovered a transportation problem. Their solution: a pet taxi.

Millsap Veterinary Clinic makes farm calls, so it's not much more effort to pick up pets, treat them, and return them to their homes. "We've watched our clients and friends get older, along with their pets, and they sometimes need that extra little bit of help," says Sandy Carter, a staff supervisor at Millsap Veterinary Clinic.

The practice charges a fee for the service, and they offer a 10-percent senior citizen discount to help older clients afford the charge. They also provide house calls and mail or deliver supplies when needed.

"We want to keep our clients and their pets happy," Carter says. "This program works for us because we work together and make time to get the job done. Our clients' pets get the help they need, and clients see we really care. The word-of-mouth referrals we get from this program are a great advertisement. And best of all, it's so rewarding to help our clients provide the best care for their pets."