Make preventive care personal

Make preventive care personal

Stress the importance of wellness screenings.
Mar 01, 2009

Carol Schubert Hancock
Q: How can I convince clients to do wellness screenings?

A: Many clients put off routine testing. They figure they'll save the tests—and some money—until their pets are "really" sick. That is, until they see visible signs of illness like weight loss, vomiting, or labored breathing. But as a veterinary professional, you know better. You know Fluffy can still be in pain even if she isn't showing signs. You also know that taking preventive action now saves clients a lot of stress and cash in the long run.

Carol Schubert Hancock, DBA, RVT, CVPM, a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member, says the best way to convince clients is to convey how important wellness screenings are to pets' quality of life. Besides talking about the hidden illnesses wellness screenings can spot, try emphasizing the bond between clients and their pets. Start by saying, "If you're like me, your pet means the world to you. I'd gladly give up a dinner out to keep my pet healthy. You just can't put a price on peace of mind."

Schubert says sharing personal experiences can help drive the point home. She tells clients the story of her late cat, Emma. "I faithfully got Emma checked twice yearly," she says. "While I couldn't prevent her cancer, her years up until the diagnosis were free of sickness—and worth every penny of my investment."