Lunch and learn: Itchy issues

Lunch and learn: Itchy issues

Nov 07, 2012
By staff

Use these resources to educate your team members and set a course for an effective education program in your practice. You’ll find these tools to educate your team and boost client compliance.

■ Review clients’ top questions about ear and skin infections.

■ Read the sample script about how to take the sting out of allergy talks.

■ Review common client fibs about the home care they offer and learn how to respond.

■ Review the top five questions technicians ask about dermatologic diagnostic testing—from how best to perform skin cytology to reading a dermatophyte culture. Then check out the dermatology questions pet owners ask technicians.

■ Discover your role in dermatology, from receptionist to technician to assistant to practice manager. Technicians can also listen to Dr. Paul Bloom, DACVDM, DABVP, explain why technicians should be performing diagnostic tests. Find out what technicians need to know, especially when it comes to skin scrapings.

■ Test yourself on which itch is which by looking at photos of four dermatologic cases.

■ Find a sample script on helping pet owners complete a diet trial. Then use the at-home diet trial compliance handout to lock in compliance.

■ Lock in follow-up care with technology, from email reminders to text messages.