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Life balance for managers

FIRSTLINE: Jun 20, 2016
A Firstline reader seeks help when her boss wrecks her work schedule, jeopardizing her time off with her retired spouse.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 14, 2016
By staff
Use this handout to familiarize your team with the warnings signs that signal burnout.
VETTED: Apr 29, 2016
Our recent survey uncovered your most pressing problems—high peaks you struggle to summit. Here are the top problems, with some suggested advice to help.
By staff
When today sucks, here's what your veterinary colleagues do to deal.
VETTED: Apr 20, 2016
You’re a good person. Your team members are good people. Clients ready to pick a fight don’t have to bring down your whole veterinary practice’s mood. Get some perspective, laugh about it, and get through it.
VETTED: Apr 14, 2016
By staff editors are people, too! This month, we've collected our favorite books, videos and articles you should check out.
VETTED: Mar 29, 2016
Turn a rough day in veterinary practice into a game of knowing winks between coworkers and find a more little energy to smile with your clients (even the challenging ones) a little more.
VETTED: Feb 19, 2016
My path: Accept myself and hone my skills in the areas in which I excel to have the greatest impact, no matter what my role.
VETTED: Feb 15, 2016
By staff
Coloring isn't for kids anymore—it's a real-deal stress-reliever. Don't believe us? Give these veterinary-themed coloring pages a try.
The fire behind you is so hot, you choose suicide as the least painful way. For some veterinary professionals, the darkness inside is so debilitating, that you choose suicide as the least painful way. Please don't. Please seek help.
FIRSTLINE: Jan 08, 2016
Long shifts. A stressful, emotional environment. These ingredients can create an unpalatable mix that leads to skimping on sleep, dodging exercise and reaching for junk food. Team health challenges just might be the spice to get your team on the track in the new year.
FIRSTLINE: Dec 28, 2015
Use these five tips to overcome compassion fatigue and burnout (and learn to tell the difference).
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 22, 2015
Life in veterinary practice is crazy enough. Why make it harder by always being in a rush?
FIRSTLINE: Dec 15, 2015
You don’t need the Force to move veterinary clients. Consider this sage advice from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 18, 2015
The veterinary professional in me was determined to continue going to work. But personally, I was a mess. One day, while I was lost in a cloud of grief, my boyfriend asked, "Are you ever going to feel better?" I wasn’t really sure.