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Life balance for managers

FIRSTLINE: Sep 16, 2016
While fielding calls to help save pets from drug-stash ingestion accidents and allergic reactions, the veterinary team at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center keeps up morale and mood with some harmless tallying.
Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson shares simple fixes to try and relieve your anxiety caused by the responsibilities of the veterinary world.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 12, 2016
You don't have to escape to a mountain retreat to find moments of peace in veterinary practice.
VETTED: Aug 11, 2016
Why should all those touchy-feely, sappy-happy optimists have all the fun? Let's get critical and cranky. Remember: Complaining is a valid venting mechanism. I think some psychologist said that somewhere.
My anxiety and sadness got so bad I passed out in a bathroom at my veterinary clinic and finally faced how bad it had gotten when I wound up in the hospital. I got help. I hope you—or your loved one—will too.
VETTED: Jul 26, 2016
Compassion fatigue is a real and dangerous threat to the health of veterinary professionals and their patients, but Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Veterinary Technician Becky Murray of Veterinary Specialty Center has mapped out a guide for healthy coping.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 11, 2016
By staff
(En)lighten your veterinary team’s load with this tip from Annette Engler, a 2016 dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year contestant.
VETTED: Jun 29, 2016
When it comes to having it all as a veterinarian, there are a few things you need to give up too.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 20, 2016
A Firstline reader seeks help when her boss wrecks her work schedule, jeopardizing her time off with her retired spouse.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 14, 2016
By staff
Use this handout to familiarize your team with the warnings signs that signal burnout.
VETTED: Apr 29, 2016
Our recent survey uncovered your most pressing problems—high peaks you struggle to summit. Here are the top problems, with some suggested advice to help.
By staff
When today sucks, here's what your veterinary colleagues do to deal.
VETTED: Apr 20, 2016
You’re a good person. Your team members are good people. Clients ready to pick a fight don’t have to bring down your whole veterinary practice’s mood. Get some perspective, laugh about it, and get through it.
VETTED: Apr 14, 2016
By staff editors are people, too! This month, we've collected our favorite books, videos and articles you should check out.
VETTED: Mar 29, 2016
Turn a rough day in veterinary practice into a game of knowing winks between coworkers and find a more little energy to smile with your clients (even the challenging ones) a little more.