A legal letter for abandoned pets

Nov 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

I downloaded the free form "Pet Abandonment Letter" (September 2008) and wanted to stress the importance of following your state's laws regarding pet abandonment. In Maryland, we're required to give clients who've abandoned their pets a five-day notice before we can place the animal in a loving home. Otherwise, the practice is liable for the pet's disappearance. At our hospital, we send a certified letter as a final notice. Plus, we have clients sign a contract when they admit their pets into our care that states, "In case of abandonment of an animal, the hospital will dispose of it as deemed best. After expiration of five days from notification, at address given, to remove the animal, the same shall be considered abandoned."
Jeanne Schmidt, RVT
Bel Air Veterinary Hospital Inc.
Bel Air, Md.