Laser in on surgery discussions in veterinary practice

Jul 01, 2012
By staff

Clients face many decisions when bringing their pet in for surgery. Since many veterinary hospitals are now offering laser surgery, it's yet another option we must discuss. To help pet owners consider the advantages of laser surgery, it's important to remember clients' most common concerns when their pets undergo surgery. For example, "Will this hurt my pet?" "Will it take a long time to heal?" and "Will there be blood coming from the incision?"

The key to helping our clients understand the advantages of laser surgery lies in how we answer. We assure them that laser surgery reduces pain, inflammation, and bleeding of the incision site—all things clients must deal with when their pet arrives home postoperatively. Most clients are thrilled to hear there's an option that can make their job easier and their pet more comfortable at the same time.

—Ciera Miller, CVT
Metzger Animal Hospital
State College, Pa.