On the Job: Gina Toman

On the Job: Gina Toman

Sep 01, 2006

Gina Toman, Veterinary Assistant Seaside Animal Care Calabash, N.C.
What's the nicest thing a client ever said to you?

A client once said, "I wish my own nurse treated me as well as you treat my pet."

What's the wackiest question a client ever asked you?

A client once asked me whether people have anal glands, because her husband seemed to be experiencing the same symptoms as her dog, who had recurring anal abscesses. I told her no.

What's the case that most touched your heart?

Bren, a boxer mix, was adopted from a shelter and was diagnosed with parvovirus. We talked to the clients and they opted to treat their new pet. Bren was hospitalized over the next several days, and his adoptive mom visited him often and took pictures to share with her family. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing this dog come from a shelter and pull through a life-threatening condition with the help of a loving family.