On the job

On the job

Aug 01, 2005

Pam Weakley
Practice Manager
Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic
Battle Creek, Mich.

How do you keep your cool during stressful times?

Pam Weakley
I'm very laid back, so not much bothers me. At work, I find a quiet room to collect my thoughts. At home, I shovel manure.

What's the wackiest question a client ever asked you?

One time a client called to tell us her pet had died. Her pet had received a three-year rabies vaccine two years before and wasn't due for another for a year. She wanted to know whether she could get a refund for the remaining year.

What's your biggest on-the-job blunder?

A few years ago, I was helping out at the front desk. There was a client at the counter, turned away from me, dressed in a factory uniform with very short hair. I stepped up to the counter and asked, "May I help you, sir?" He turned around—and he was a she. Yikes! I apologized profusely.