Improving wellness care: Your role

Improving wellness care: Your role

Sep 01, 2010

When it comes to preventive care, what's your key responsibility? It may vary depending on the practice, but here's a rough guide.

> Receptionists: Explain the practice's wellness care offerings to clients on the phone, and follow up with mailed or e-mailed information as requested. Set up follow-up exams.

> Veterinary technicians and assistants: Provide more information to clients at appointments about your practice's wellness care offerings and recommendations and why they're important. Draw blood and prepare (and possibly administer) necessary vaccines. Grade teeth, explain periodontal disease, and recommend dental cleanings for pets.

> Practice managers: Make sure the practice's wellness care protocols are clear, consistent, and followed. Oversee staff meetings where wellness care protocols and ideas are discussed, and implement suggestions as appropriate.