I'll take OSHA training for $200

Try this idea to make OSHA training informative and fun.
Feb 09, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

One sterling team member at Vermont-New Hampshire Veterinary Clinic in East Dummerston, Vt., knew OSHA training was important, but she wanted to make it fun, too. So when technician Liz Chechile was appointed OSHA safety officer at the practice, she created "OSHA Jeopardy." Questions ranged from the easy—Where is the eye wash station located?—to the more complicated—How should ultrasonic cleaning solution be cleaned up when spilled?

"We divided into four teams at a staff meeting and made sure there were representatives of different departments on each team," says office manager Gail Veenema. "Liz even prepared some bonus questions in the different categories. Each of her cards had additional information that was shared after the questions were answered. She had a prize for the winning team: chocolate.

"The staff had a great time, and I know that the information will be retained much longer as a result," she says.

Click here for a sample of the questions and categories.