Hunt for a good time

Mar 01, 2008

To keep the team eggs-ited at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital in Westfield Center, Ohio, Linda Randall, DVM, AVBP, and Susan Harr, the practice manager, host an annual indoor spring egg hunt at their one-doctor practice. The plastic eggs hold treasures from candy and coins to mini flashlights.

Dr. Randall and Harr also split cards for big prizes—like certificates for paid time off and gift cards for gas stations, restaurants, and retail stores—and distribute them among several eggs. Team members must collect all of the corresponding certificates to receive the big gift.

Since all the eggs are hidden at once, team members working the practice's first shift have an advantage. So Dr. Randall and Harr place papers inside some eggs that instruct first shift team members to pass their egg prize to a team member on a later shift—a gesture Harr says promotes the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork the practice thrives on.