How to keep chatty clients on schedule

Build in extra time for clients who like to talk.
Nov 01, 2009
By staff

Along with making it easy to fill out your appointment book, flex-scheduling allows you to accommodate for individual clients. If you know that a certain client is especially chatty, you might slot her appointment for an extra 10 minutes. Keep in mind, however, that doctors must make an effort to stick with the schedule, so finding a way to answer Mrs. Williams’ questions quickly will help keep your practice running smoothly.

Doctors should also make an effort to stay on time by minimizing time spent away from clients. “A lot of times, doctors spend more time fiddling with records and medical supplies than communicating with clients,” says Sheila Grosdidier, BS, RVT, partner at veterinary consulting firm VMC Inc. in Evergreen, Colo. Doctors should spend 80 percent of the appointment time with clients, Grosdidier says. Eliminating these inefficiencies will keep you on track—and keep those appointments on schedule.