How green is your practice?

Apr 01, 2006
By staff

Are your waste bins full of paper, cans, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclables? Use these quick tips to launch a recycling program in your practice:
1. Build your green team. You'll need volunteers to help haul your recycled goods to the local recycling drop off.
2. Stock up on bins. Most recycling facilities prefer goods that are separated by kind. For example, all your aluminum goes in one bin, and your paper goes in another.
3. Assign a day to make your drop offs. A regular routine will keep your piles manageable.
4. Do some research. Some recycling facilities allow you to recycle by mail. For example, Green Office Recycling ( will send you postage-paid envelopes to send in your empty inkjet printer cartridges. A bonus: For each cartridge you send in, the company donates a dollar to charity.