How to get hired

How to get hired

Use these tips to make the best impression during your job hunt.
Sep 01, 2008
By staff

What to do

  • Speak kindly to the clients and team members in the reception area
  • Smile and be friendly when asking for an application
  • Show respect and patience for the interview process
  • Speak using proper English, and be sure to properly pronounce "vet-er-i-nar-y"
  • Dress professionally
  • Be prompt
  • Answer interview questions in a clear and organized manner
  • Be diplomatic and professional in describing past difficult work situations

What not to do

  • Lean away from animals in the reception area while completing or turning in an application
  • Call with questions when the advertisement asks for resumes sent to a post office box
  • Include false information on your resume
  • Send a handwritten resume
  • Call and ask, "When will I know if you'll offer me an interview?"
  • Show up late for the interview
  • Chew gum
  • Speak negatively about your current and past employers
  • Ask about compensation during the first interview