How do I make the most of my CVPM credentials?

You've worked hard to obtain your CVPM. Now what?
Feb 20, 2014
By staff

Firstline magazine, and the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) each month solve tough problems for practice managers and team members in this “Tough Questions Answered by the VHMA” column. Join in by sharing your best advice, and then check out an answer from a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

Q. I've taken the plunge. I am now credentialed. How do I make the most of my credentials so employers, colleagues and clients realize its value?

Answering this month is Susan Lassiter, CVPM, of Animal Medical Care Center in Marietta, Ga.

I have leveraged my CVPM credential to inspire and motivate and implement changes in my practice. I began by ensuring that my colleagues understood what earning the CVPM credential required. The hard work and the many hours I devoted pursuing the credential underscores my high level of commitment to the veterinary industry. As staff became aware of the knowledge and experience expected of certificants, I gained their trust and respect. The team was amenable to changes I proposed because they had confidence in my decisions.

Leveraging my CVPM designation is helpful during negotiations as well. When other professionals see that you are a credentialed professional they know you come to the table with a wealth of knowledge and a level or respect for yourself and the veterinary industry.