How to deal with a toxic team

How to deal with a toxic team

Use these five coping strategies when stuck in a toxic environment.
Feb 01, 2011

The only way to effectively deal with a toxic situation at work is to fix it, either by direct communication or leaving the practice. In the meantime, take these steps to help ease the stress.

1. Guard against giveaways of your time, your money, and your power. Fight for the right to your own opinion and your life balance. Don't allow others to steal these things from you.

2. Get three daily doses of pleasure, whatever they may be: reading a magazine, exercise, and coffee, for instance.

3. Practice bibliotherapy. Writing is cathartic, so put pen to paper and include the challenges you face at work in a journal.

4. Get some CE. Attending a seminar like Firstline Live at the CVC provides an excellent way to boost your knowledge and confidence. Also consider taking courses completely outside veterinary medicine. This gets you away from your job for a bit.

5. Go on an escapee interview. Apply for a new job, and go on the interview to prove to yourself that you're in demand. You don't have to take the job if you get an offer.