Hook price shoppers

Hook price shoppers

Oct 01, 2005

Don't let that next phone call be the client who got away. Use these tips from Sally Hickey, a receptionist at Short Pump Animal Hospital in Richmond, Va.

"When a potential client calls for the price, don't give them a figure right away," Hickey says. Instead, she offers these steps:

1. Thank the client for calling.

2. Tell the client a little about the practice. For example, Hickey tells clients that the practice is AAHA certified and explains what that means.

3. Ask questions that will help you give the best answer. For example, you may charge differently depending on a pet's weight and age.

4. Explain all of the services that are included in a procedure. For example, when clients call to ask the cost of a spay, Hickey explains that the procedure includes a full exam, an ECG, blood work, and anesthesia.

5. Give the price last. "After I explain all of the services we provide, clients usually say, 'Gosh, you're kidding! The price includes all of that?'" Hickey says. "Then they book the appointment with our hospital."