Hello? It's dog

Hello? It's dog

Wireless doorbells offer veterinary receptionists a subtle signal to call for help when things get hairy at the front desk.
Mar 08, 2018

"Halp!" Don't leave your receptionists stranded at the front desk. Shutterstock.comWe use wireless doorbells so our receptionists can notify team members in the treatment area when they need help up front. The doorbells are plugged into outlets in the treatment area, and receptionists have the buttons at the front desk.

Before we purchased the doorbells, receptionists had to interrupt the clients they were assisting to call to the treatment area for help. Now they can discreetly push the button while continuing their conversation. The doorbells have improved our customer service tremendously!

Emilie Brucato, MBA, CVPM
Springtown Veterinary Hospital
San Marcos, Texas

wireless doorbell

We use a wireless doorbell for our clients in our "Comfort Room" This room is used primarily for euthanasia's. It is away from the rest of the exam rooms in a quieter location. We instruct the client to push the bell when they are done spending time with their pet or if they need a staff member. It rings in the treatment room. This way the techs are not hovering outside the door and the clients can easily summon us.