Hang up on snail mail: Revolutionize your veterinary reminder system

Once clients are out of your sight, your clinic is probably out of their mind. Find out how to sends the most effective and cost-efficient client reminders.
Aug 01, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

Chances are your veterinary clients aren't counting down the days until their next appointment. That's why sending reminders is so important, says Dr. Julie Clark-Blount, owner of Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital in Kings- land, Ga. Her practice used to send postcards to remind clients about upcoming appointments and needed treatments but recently switched to a phone-tree calling system—and they haven't looked back. "It's my voice that's recorded, so I'm personally talking to clients," Dr. Clark-Blount says.

"The only thing that's automated is the pet's name and the appointment time. We do the message ourselves so it's more personal."

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