Handling osteoarthritis: What's your role?

Handling osteoarthritis: What's your role?

Each team member has a job to help handle cases of osteoarthritis in your veterinary practice.
Dec 04, 2014
By dvm360.com staff

Make sure each member of your team is helping handle osteoarthritis (OA) in pets:


You play an invaluable role by teaching owners to socialize and train their dogs—and you also train these dogs to exercise. You'll also discuss weight management to keep dogs with OA close to an idea body condition. In later stages, you can also help educate pet owners about how to use pain medications and side effects and communicate regularly with owners. 


You play an important role in forming close bonds with clients about offering support. You'll reinforce the messages the clinical team delivered in the exam room, schedule the next appointment before the client leaves and participate in callbacks to clients about medications and feeding recommendations. 


You lead your team by screening for and diagnosing OA. You'll also discuss the severity and anticipated progression of OA, select management options and prescribe pain medications and oversee management and weight control programs.