Great compliments to inspire you

Great compliments to inspire you

Jun 01, 2006
By staff

Here's a quick sample of the type of compliments you can offer to bring a smile to your team members' faces:

1. Susan, your radiograph of Muffy's fracture was so clear. Thank you for the great job. You make me proud of our team's technical skills.

2. Mark, thanks for your help with Mr. Grump. You really helped smooth things over when you explained all of the services that were included in his bill. And I was so relieved to see him go away happy.

3. Wow, Jennifer, that's a great client handout. I've never seen the flea cycle explained so well. I know clients will learn from this, and I'm excited because I think they'll be more likely to accept our recommendations for flea control.

4. Thanks for staying late to help finish filing medical charts, Sarah. I know the job got done much faster with your extra pair of hands. And I'm so happy we have team members like you, who pitch in when they see something that needs to be done.

5. Hey, Lisa, thanks for preparing handouts about the continuing education meeting you attended. Now we'll all benefit from your experience. And I'm thrilled we can give everyone on our team a chance to grow.