Give clients the scoop on poop

Give clients the scoop on poop

Mar 01, 2007

Ask a client for a fecal sample and you'll likely get a range of responses—from slightly sickened to totally grossed out. Hey, playing with pet poop's not your favorite hobby, either, but fecal testing helps you keep pets parasite-free. Wish you could get more clients on board? Barb Walker, a receptionist at Homestead Small Animal Practice in Spencer, Iowa, says her team managed to boost client compliance with fecal testing by about 400 percent in one year with their three-tired process. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Receptionists mail a reminder to clients to bring a stool sample for the pet's wellness visit. When clients call to schedule an appointment, receptionists explain what will happen during the exam, including any vaccinations the pet will receive. Then they remind clients again to bring in a stool sample to check for internal parasites.

Step 2: When the pet arrives, a technician or veterinary assistant sets up the fecal flotation. If the client arrives without a sample, team members suggest looping the pet to obtain a sample. If they're unsuccessful, they send a container home with the client. Here's the key: They charge for the fecal test the day they send the container home. This helps avoid missed charges and encourages pet owners to return the sample.

Step 3: The doctor checks the fecal and reviews why fecal testing is important—to identify parasite infection and prevent the spread of disease to people.