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Have fun at work

A little BS isn’t a bad thing—or is it?


Just because you’re the veterinarian doesn’t mean you can get away with everything, Dr. Brock realizes.

Rate my job: A veterinary pie chart


How many times have you heard, "It must be so fun to play with puppies all day!"?

Old School New School: Three rounds with Codger


Dr. Greenskin drags her boss into a boxing match of wit and wisdom. But did she underestimate the crusty old veterinarian?

Your veterinary clinic cat takes an assistant


Your clinic cat welcomes your new veterinary team member in true cat fashion, with hazing, demands and--ultimately--a rather flattering job offer.

Old School, New School: 'Maybe I should start looking for another job … '


Drs. Codger and Greenskin face a crossroads, with both of their futures hanging in the balance.

Not my circus, not my monkeys


As members of a giving profession, veterinarians sometimes struggle to learn that dirty little word: no.

The perfect veterinary exam: A dvm360 diagram


When the stars align, you have that perfect exam. Other times ... not so much. Um, hey, is your arm bleeding?

I'm not a real doctor


Aaaaah! Ma'am! Put your panties back on!

The curative capability of canine companionship


Like the famed astronomical wonder with the same name, North Star dogs lead the way for children and others struggling in the dark with emotional and physical challenges.

Old school, new school: On call and ticked off


Dr. Greenskin is finally ready to set Dr. Codger straight on what she really thinks about some of the ways he does business in his veterinary clinic. Nothing can hold her back now—except for the intercom.