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The Year of the Dog: Death to vacuums, and lidless trashcans for all


Every dog has its day, and now every dog is about to have its year, thanks to the Chinese zodiac.

Caring for veterinary patients starts with caring for myself


When we take the oath to prevent suffering, we make that oath to ourselves as well.

Pets' and vets' perspectives on holidays, deconstructed


Is that Christmas tree the ultimate cat enrichment climber or an intestinal perforation waiting to happen? It’s all about your point of view.

dvm360's top people of 2018


In an almost-as-exciting announcement as the Time Person of the Year, dvm360 is pleased to introduce you to our list of top people to watch in 2018.

Go your own way: A Fetch dvm360 corporate practice panel discussion


Panel experts gave advice on feedback on the challenges and opportunities corporate practices present for veterinary practices.

Novel idea: A medical thriller for veterinarians


While a “veterinary medical thriller” may sound like a typical Monday at your clinic, it’s also a new literary subgenre that author and veterinarian Clare T. Walker hopes to employ as a way to encourage and applaud her peers.

What the duck?!


As mixed animal associate, this may be my most eggcellent emergency.

A chronicle of a vet's life—updated


Inspired by James Herriot, Dr. P.J. Miller decided to recount his adventures as a veterinarian in the modern age.

Horoscope: Your week in the veterinary world


The stars have aligned and told us the possible ups and downs you could have this week, and how to deal with ’em like the awesome veterinary professional you are.