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Have fun at work

What the eclipse taught me about customer service


From a big city to a small town, from an isolated island to a mall, my big trip to see astronomy at work also reminded me how things have changed for American consumers and maybe veterinary hospitals.

World's cutest dog muzzle?


This soft, duck-billed muzzle might turn an angry dog outburst into a funny angry-Donald Duck-like experience. Veterinary professionals, decide for yourself.

Signs your clients might be helicopter pet parents—dvm360 flowchart


Follow the path to uncover the type of pet owners you serve.

Come one, come all: DIY Halloween costumes are waiting for you


From Bat-Cat to Harry Pupper, there’s something for pets of all sizes in these easy costumes.

Voting open for Nationwide's 2017 Hambone Awards


Annual contest crowns the year's most unusual pet insurance claim, with a prize for the veterinary hospital that treated the winner.

Veterinary snark charts


Venn diagrams to express some of the agony and the ecstasy of life in a veterinary practice.

A cat's trip to the vet


When a pet owner says the word V-E-T, a cat hears D-I-E. But you can fix that.

Back Office Blunders, Episode 10: Prescription predicament


If your team can't give clients a clear message, there's little hope of compliance (and pet wellness).

Oldies, oddities and kitties


The American Museum of the Housecat is a cat-lover’s paradise—and not just because you’ll find more than 5,000 items of feline art, toys and collectibles. All profits go to funding a no-kill, cat-only adoption center and sanctuary.

Into the wild(life) quiz


Spelunkers and bats, marine mammals and cats, deer and habitats. How well do you know your wildlife diseases? Take the quiz and find out!