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Have fun at work

Your veterinary clinic cat goes on strike


What would happen if your clinic cat didn't show up for work?

Client handout: 4 things every home with a pet needs


From the smallest, most easy-going cat to the biggest, most rambunctious dog—every pet deserves a household that's fun, stimulating and encourages exercise.

Game of Thrones: Are veterinary leaders born or made?


Why the hit HBO show has something to teach those who lead in veterinary medicine. Are you Stark, Lannister, a Direwolf or one of those misfit leaders? (Hint: I'm down with Khaleesi.)

CVC doodle: Your personal curb appeal


Veterinary technicians, we know what you're thinking. No, we're not mind readers. It's your, ahem, body language. Here's a quick guide.

Techs: Find your spirit animal


Are you a pus-loving lemur, or a psychic skunk? True veterinary tech spirit animal enlightenment awaits!

Misadventures of an introverted veterinarian: Gender reveal party


My friend put me in charge of an important part of a big party with 150 people—an extrovert’s dream, an introvert’s nightmare. Find out how my busy practice-owning self got out of it (sort of).

Whimsical beauty: Bringing animals to life through mixed-media


Mixing paint, paper and fabric, Ande Hall highlights what makes animals special.

Mind Over Miller: Veterinary internships—one question to assess them all


Dr. Robert Miller muses on the benefits his group practice reaped from its internship program—and how he was able to cut the wheat from the chaff when it came to candidates.

Sibling rivalry: When roommates come to blows


CVC Educator John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB, offers up advice on handling these difficult doggy interactions at CVC. Get a sneak visual peek here.

Cat-tested food puzzles


I spent $82.97 on cat food puzzles. Here's what I learned.