Free veterinary team training tools: Cushing's syndrome

Free veterinary team training tools: Cushing's syndrome

We just launched our newest Team Meeting in a (Virtual) Box. Now you can teach your whole team how to cope with Cushing's syndrome.
Oct 06, 2011
By staff

You've already educated your team on how to handle ear infections and tough client situations. Now it's time to download the newest Team Meeting in a Box—your complete source for FREE education.

Click here to teach your team how to cope with Cushing's syndrome, the most commonly diagnosed endocrine disorder. As dogs age, their health may change rapidly, so it's important to educate your clients about the signs of disease to help offer pets early diagnosis and treatment whenever possible. This chronic illness cannot be cured, but it can be managed throughout the pet's life.

These four meeting parts will help you educate your team members about this condition, including the importance of ongoing testing and treatment. You'll find a trainer's script and team activities in each section. We recommend beginning with part No. 1 then progressing through to part No. 4 to give your team the most complete understanding of the topic. Do this, and your team will have the tools to deliver a successful team-wide approach to Cushing’s syndrome.

Remember: this meeting in a (virtual) box provides all the tools—activity ideas, downloadable handouts, trainer scripts—you’ll need to entertain, engage, and thoroughly train your veterinary team members. So click here to check out this new meeting guide on Cushing's syndrome and stay tuned for new topics. Did we mention it's free?