Free team training: Better than a box of kittens (almost)

Free team training: Better than a box of kittens (almost)

OK, nothing really beats a box of kittens, but free team training is almost as nice—just a little less furry (and it doesn’t shed).

Getty ImagesWhether you’re the practice manager, a technician, a receptionist, a veterinarian or a team leader, you’ll find all the tools you need to hold successful team training—from lesson plans and scripts to activities and client handouts to make each program easy to implement and market to pet owners. Open up these free Team Meeting in a Box training sessions:

> Talking tips for tense situations
Does your team argue instead of looking for solutions? Could your team use help handling upset clients? If so, this meeting is for you. The tools teach how to communicate during conflict.

> Stop getting burned by ear infections
How you handle otitis externa and ear infections can make or break client bonds—and dogs’ well-being. Use this meeting to create a team approach to help pet owners and heal patients. (Sponsored by Dechra)

> Coping with Cushing’s syndrome
Pets with Cushing’s syndrome suffer from a chronic illness that will be managed throughout the pet’s life, not cured. This meeting will help you deliver a successful team-wide approach. (Sponsored by Dechra)

> Pet insurance education
Myths about pet insurance abound. This meeting will dispel them and provide tools for your team members to emerge as experts on educating clients about pet insurance. (Sponsored by Nationwide)

> Armor yourself to prevent pet bites
Keep people—and pets—safer with this tips, tools and protocols to prevent pets from biting and use safer, stress-free handling techniques at your veterinary practice.

New this month:
> Getting to “yes” with veterinary clients
Team members play a vital role in making strong recommendations that stick with clients. This meeting will teach your team members how to make these vital recommendations to clients and provide the tools your practice needs to deliver a successful team-wide approach so that you get to “yes” with clients. (Sponsored by Nationwide)