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Service: The secret to survival


OK, so it's no secret that good client service is good for business. But in a buyer's market—which is what we're in—it's vital. That’s because according to a recent International Business Brokers Association study, customers can be even more selective in a buyer's market. And who can blame them when many clinics across America are waving discounts to get them in the door? But while low prices may tempt pet owners to visit a practice once, it won't hold them. To turn one-time customers into life-long clients, you have to offer top-notch service.

Client service during a recession

Client service, no matter the market, is all about listening to the customer, finding out what he or she needs, and then providing it. But superior client service goes one step further. Team members who excel at taking are of clients don't sell services and products; they sell the value of the services and products. Team members and practices that will survive—even thrive in—the downturn draw clients' attention to the benefits they offer. They show clients how much more they'll get back by putting what little money they currently have into the practice.

Become a cut above your competition

You can't control the economy, but you can control your quality. Make sure if you're cutting corners to save money, you're skimping in the right spots. In tight times, training expenses and salaries are often the first on the chopping block. But these are the investments that pay off in the long run. Team members who will pull a practice through tough times need proper training and pay to keep their positive outlook and admirable client service.



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