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October Firstline Challenge topic: Team building


Each phase of the Firstline Challenge's team building component walks you through a series of activities that will help you and your colleagues work together better. We envision that completing all four phases will take you about one month, but you're welcome to go at whatever pace is comfortable for you. To get started, check out No. 1 in Phase 1. Good luck, and enjoy!

Phase 1: Learn more
We suggest you complete one of these steps each day.
    1. Read "Forget 'us vs. them'" by Debbie Allaben Gair, CVPM
    2. Read "Loathe team meetings?" by Brian Conrad, CVPM
    3. Read "10 tips for giving a great compliment"
    4. Complete the MerialEDU Team Meeting module "Building team cohesiveness" by Shawn McVey, MA, MSW

Phase 2: Take action
We suggest you complete these activities over the course of two weeks.
    1. Complete the activity, "Quarter your compliments"
    2. Suggest that team members complete a team-building activity, such as the generational questionnaire or picture scavenger hunt
    3. Have a fierce conversation. Need to talk to your boss? Consider this receptionist's real-life example.
    4. Take a short—fun—quiz to determine your communication style. Could you change the way you talk in order to get along better with team members?

Phase 3: Assess your progress
We suggest you complete these steps over the course of one week.
    1. Take our six-question quiz to test yourself over what you've learned.
    2. Write down something you learned and post it as a reminder of your success—and your team's.
    3. Ask your manager whether he or she has noticed an improvement in your teamwork. (Need help getting feedback from your manager? Follow this advice.)
    4. Post a blog on the dvm360.com community about how you've improved your practice's teamwork. If the editors love your blog, you could win an iPod Touch.

Phase 4: Enjoy
We suggest you do this daily for the rest of your career.



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