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Live from CVC: Jedi mind tricks technicians can use on veterinarians
Need something from your veterinarian, but want to do it in the kindest, easiest way possible? Try these three tips.


Dr. Andy Roark shared tips on doctor communication with a packed audience of veterinary technicians at CVC Kansas City last weekend. Likening his subtle suggestions to Star Wars-style Jedi mind tricks, Dr. Roark encouraged technicians to communicate in ways that minimize conflict and maximize effectiveness. Here were a few:

Ask questions. Ask your veterinarian questions before they make their decisions instead of questioning them after. Be a step ahead of them and ask them suggestive questions so they come up with the outcome you wanted.

Present a professional pitch. Talk up the benefits of your great, new idea. Do your research to show who the idea will benefit and how. Then be honest and lay out your concerns with the plan.

Make it about the pet/client/practice. If you have an idea of something you want to change, spin it as a benefit to the pet, client or practice and the veterinarian will be more likely to accept the change.

For more of Dr. Roark's Jedi mind tricks for technicians, come see him teach live at CVC San Diego Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.



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