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7 silver linings to the gray economy
The current economic climate may be gray, but with the right outlook, your team can weather the storm—even come out shining. Check out these bright sides to the dim financial situation.


Greater appreciation

Few people, even in prosperous times, are fortunate enough to enjoy a fulfilling career. So if you love what you do, consider yourself ahead of the curve.

Better marketing

Rev up your marketing efforts to show clients what makes you exceptional. Then take comfort in the fact that those who come to you, do so with confidence that you're worth it.

Higher-level clientele

The clients who walk through your practice doors hold their pets' health to the highest standard. Let their dedication reassure you, and take pride in the fact that they trust your practice to meet their expectations.

Increased output

Open slots let you tackle projects—big and small. Use downtime to update the practice Web site or get a jump on inventory.

Tighter teams

Lower-staffed shifts can help employees work more efficiently and become a more resourceful group.

Superior client service

A lighter client load allows you to give pet owners and patients more one-on-one attention. It also gives you time to schedule team-wide training.

Sharper focus

Take this opportunity to examine your priorities. Redevote yourself to values like providing quality care and excellent service.



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