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Quiz: Holiday myths debunked
Lillies are extremely toxic to cats.

Pet Poison Helpline

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Fact: All flowers of the Lilium species, including Stargazer, Easter, Tiger, and other Asiatic lilies, are extremely poisonous to cats. (Lilies are not toxic to dogs, and only self-limiting vomiting is expected if a dog ingests them.)

Threat to pets: The ingestion of just one or two leaves or petals is enough to cause sudden kidney failure. Even the pollen from these flowers is toxic to cats.

Signs: Signs of kidney failure due to lily ingestion include vomiting, reduced appetite, increased or decreased urination, and lethargy. Kidney failure will begin within a few days of a cat eating lilies and, if not treated, the cat often dies.

Treatment: Any cat ingesting even small pieces of a lily needs an immediate medical evaluation accompanied by intensive intravenous fluid therapy, blood work, and hospitalization.

Prognosis: Good when treated early and appropriately.

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Source: Pet Poison Helpline,
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