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On the job: Shelly Hiemer, CVT

Volume 3, Issue 1

How do you keep your cool in stressful situations?

Shelly Hiemer
We have a rule that any negativity has to stay in the break room. So I try to smile and say something personal to every client, even when I'm stressed.

What's the most unusual pet someone has brought to your practice?

For a while I worked with a zoo veterinarian, and she did surgery on a wallaby. I also worked with a wildlife rehabber who treated deer and pelicans.

What's your most uncommon experience in practice?

I worked with a veterinarian who had a reputation for helping clients with unusual euthanasia requests. Once, some clients gave us a tape of the family's voices to play as the pet was euthanized because they couldn't stand to be present. We cried as we played the tape for the pet.



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