Find the formula for teamwork

Find the formula for teamwork

It doesn't take a potion to tame the Jekyll and Hyde behaviors in your practice. Consider these solutions for a more harmonious veterinary team.
Sep 01, 2013

There's almost always daily drama in practice that at minimum distracts us—and at its worst, derails our day. This isn't to say that our coworkers are always at fault. It just means that any time you get two people together, there's likely to be the occasional spat. It helps to have a strategy for the dramas we face to better deal with them. Let's look at some surefire stress busters to deal with daily practice drama:

The Drama Dictator

The Drama Dictator is gossipy, passive-aggressive and always looking to stir things up in the workplace. The Drama Dictator is always the victim. Everything is always about her—or him. This person is temperamental and everyone works extra hard not to set this person off. And that's no way to enjoy your work. The Drama Dictators use their form of dramatic manipulation for self gain. They want more pay for less work, and more recognition without additional responsibility.

The solution: We all know a Drama Dictator. The first step is to tell your manager. If your boss supports or ignores the Drama Dictator, you still must have the conversation. Write down examples of the behavior you've witnessed and how it negatively affects the clinic and team. Your managers prefer examples instead of your personal feelings and opinions. Be prepared. After the conversation, one of two things will occur:

1. The situation will improve, even temporarily. Just remember, you may need to repeat the process. If you're having to repeat too often or you don't have managerial support, you need to decide how much drama is too much for you.

2. The Drama Dictator will test you. This may include creating severe drama for you to deal with. Be strong and resolute and know you're only trying to improve the team. When the Drama Dictator unloads on you, your manager should have no course but to terminate the Drama Dictator. If not, you may be stuck with the drama. At that point your leader has clearly indicated a preference for the Drama Dictator's chaos. In this case, it may be time to find another job.